Helping Kids Since 1993

School News Nationwide (SNN), is a New York City based not-for-profit organization, founded by Bill Tingling in 1993.

Founded in 1993, SNN’s early efforts were designed to enhance students’ academic and developmental impact by providing enrichment services. SNN’s name was derived from founder Bill Tingling’s concept that students using state-of-the-art technology of the decade—computers, video cameras, printers, etc.—to self-publish newspapers and produce videos related to their life experience would propel their educational performance.

In 1995 Bill procured the permission and technology to pilot his program in one school; so successful was the model – helping students develop interdisciplinary skills including critical thinking and literacy – that by 2001 SNN was serving more than 3000 students in 15 underperforming schools throughout NYC.

In the early 2000s, SNN began expanding into after-school sites and created daylong programs to serve summer camps. All programming featured workshops, trips, guest lectures, and other learning experiences designed to raise youth awareness.

The foundation of this program was teaching principles of positive attitude and ethical behavior. The 66 principles were recited before every class started and illustrated basic expression structures, such as etiquette, dress, speech, eye contact, and handshaking. By teaching the fundamentals, Bill and his staff significantly impacted thousands of youths, which was transformative for many.

In 2005, inspired by his mentor Dr. A.R. Bernard, the CEO and Senior Pastor of the Christian Cultural Center and one of the country’s most respected educators, Bill initiated a new project, Words of Bonds. Created to promote understanding and goodwill between African American and Jewish youth by teaching the similarities of their historical experience, Words of Bonds brought Holocaust survivors and African American elders into schools and other public venues where they were interviewed and videotaped by students.

Through the educational efforts of Holocaust survivors, we created teaching tools from Tolerance, compassion, empathy, and inclusion. Through our Tour for Tolerance high-tech mobile classroom, filled with holograms, interactive technology, and artificial intelligence, one TFT bus will serve 75,000 students per year and millions in years to come.

“My journey from the poverty of Jamaica to the plenty of New York should not be an aberration. A secure, fulfilled life—for all—is grounded in Tolerance. So let us build a bridge to a better world that every child may cross.”

We will not be a bystander but will do something intolerance.
Ad Dr. Ruth’s quote from her testimony
“Why did nobody scream?
Why did nobody say, you know, what’s happening here?”

— Dr. Ruth Westheiner, orphan of the Holocaust