Bill Tinglin Speaking at the United Nations – New York
Dec 13, 2022

We are pleased to inform you that Holocaust Remembrance Association (HRA) and Tour for Tolerance (TFT) will play an active role in the 2023 civil society activities at the United Nations. The world needs us, and we could significantly influence and empower change.

The year 2023 will be a momentous time for the United Nations.

January 2023 is the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

March 2023 is the United Nations observance of International Women’s Day.
Also, in March, we will discuss water’s importance, scarcity, sustainability, and the creation of Atmospheric Water Generation technology to liberate water for the world. Water is a fundamental part of all aspects of life. Populations are growing, agriculture and industry are getting more water-intensive, and climate change is worsening.

With a functioning, resilient water cycle for everyone everywhere, human health and environmental integrity will constantly be protected, and a sustainable, equitable future will remain within reach.

Today, a quarter of the global population 2 billion people use unsafe drinking water sources.

Half of humanity 3.6 billion people live without safely managed sanitation.
1 in 3 people 2.3 billion lack basic handwashing facilities at home.

Over 80% of wastewater is released into the environment without being treated or reused.

Almost three-quarters of all recent disasters are water-related, having caused economic damage of US$700 billion in the past 20 years.

And droughts could be the next pandemic.

However, water does not only present us with challenges.

´╗┐It also gives us a fantastic opportunity.

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