Bill Tingling and his team bring passion and experience to their roles. Collectively, they have expertise in developing and implementing school-based programs that have educated and empowered students in more than a thousand schools nationwide.  The designers have created many acclaimed exhibitions that address the depths of inhumanity, through work that is approachable, yet powerful.

Why Now

Throughout history, wars have raged for the simple fact that one person doesn’t look the same as another, worship the same, vote for the same leader, or call the same country home. Each time one of these atrocities comes to an end, our collective conscience says “never again,” but history repeats itself, often more brutally than before.

Tolerance and diversity are under fierce social and political attacks. Coming to grips with what divides us is critically needed today. Through Tour for Tolerance, we can encourage the youth to avoid the mistakes of the past, and the mistakes that have yet to occur. Instead, they can choose to extend a hand to all of humanity, regardless of gender, race, faith, country of origin, economic status or any of the distinctions used to diminish groups of people.

Together, we can provide the next generation of youth with access to a cutting-edge, dynamic resource that fosters empathy and compassion by bringing history to life.

The hope. A more peaceful, humane world. Your gift can make this possible and we cannot do it without your help.

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The Tour for Tolerance can uplift an entire generation who are encouraged to avoid the mistakes of the past and the mistakes that have