Bill Tinglin receives Religious Freedom Award

Bill Tinglin receives Religious Freedom Award

Today, we attended a heartwarming event where community leader and philanthropist Bill Tinglin was honored at the site of Mill Street Synagogue, the first synagogue in North America. This special occasion celebrated Bill’s dedication to the Jewish community, religious freedom, and the importance of preserving the historic Mill Street Synagogue’s legacy.

Founded in 1654 in New Amsterdam (now New York City), the Mill Street Synagogue has become a symbol of religious freedom, diversity, and the resilience of the Jewish people. Bill Tinglin, known for his commitment to preserving Jewish heritage and promoting interfaith dialogue, has significantly contributed to raising awareness about the synagogue’s historical significance.

I want to thank everyone who came out today to support and honor Bill Tinglin. Your presence is a testament to the unity and strength of our community. As we celebrate Bill’s achievements and the rich history of the Mill Street Synagogue, let’s remember the importance of religious freedom and diversity in our society.

Bill’s tireless efforts to protect and promote the Mill Street Synagogue’s legacy ensure its story will continue to be shared with future generations. Let’s continue to honor the enduring legacy of the Mill Street Synagogue and the dedicated work of individuals like Bill Tinglin, who strive to preserve our rich cultural heritage.

Respectfully yours,

Ron Glick

Board of Directors

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